VAT on Credit note does not make sense

Customer was invoiced but payment has been greatly delayed. To remedy VAT bill on this I selected credit note and “reduce unpaid balance”. However instead of getting a calculation for VAT on the unpaid amount of £8692.00 I get a VAT calc of only £170 ?

Surely this VAT amount should be much more

Sub Total £ -8692.00
VAT (20%) £ -170.00
Credit Note Total £ -8862.00

Credit Note for Invoice #001763

Desc: CCTV Alien Hero 16 Channel DVR with 2TB HDD

Unit cost: -8692.00

Qty 1

VAT Amount : -170.00

Net Total: -8692.00

Hi @Howard

I have asked a colleague to take a look at this for you.

However, as a workaround for now, if you change the VAT rate to 5%, and then back to 20%, it seems to re-calculate it correctly.