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VAT on Duty and Tax invoices

Hi Team
I have received an invoice from Fedex to charge me a fee (£12) and VAT (£44.57) on an import - this has been paid.
In Quickfile do i just override the VAT to reflect the correct amount charged or is there a seperate VAT on Import VAT code i need to use?
Thank you

Hi @Chumps999

You could edit the original invoice if it hasn’t been locked by anything - otherwise you could create a separate invoice where the net equates to £0 so there is only the VAT element. There is no separate code for Import VAT

Hi Beth

Thank you for your email/support.

I got around it by adding 2 lines one that has VAT and a credit line with no VAT so the department has no cost and the VAT is present with the document attached.


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