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VAT on EU goods received in Northern Ireland - GB registered business

How can I override the requirement to register my QuickFile account with a Northern Irish postcode in order to use the EU Supply of goods VAT option?
My business is GB registered, but uses a NI based fulfilment centre to receive goods from EU and onward supply to EU. I do have an XI prefix VAT number as well which needs to be used on all invoices between NI and EU.
Many thanks,

Hi @Hristo

You can add the details of the XI prefix VAT number in the footer information of your invoices:

Sales >> Invoice Customisation

Hello Beth,
Thank you for the promt reply.
Regarding the invoices that would work as a workaround, but I am more concerned about the correct accounting for VAT as all EU goods must be recorded in a separate box in the return.
Could you remove the rule that a business must be registered with a NI postcode, and make EU supply of goods option available to all accounts?

Hi @Hristo

There is no way to override this setting I’m afraid

Hi @Hristo

Please accept my apologies - @QFBeth did check with me before replying and I didn’t realise this could be shown.

If you have a Power User Subscription, you can go to Account Settings >> Design Customisation >> Advanced HTML/CSS customisation, and drop this into the Global CSS box:

.page-sales-create .nivat_option {
    display: block !important;

Save it, and activate it. This should then reveal the NI VAT box on any sales invoice, regardless.

Hope this helps

Thank you @QFMathew,
This solves my problem neatly.

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