VAT on Private Tuition

I have just started a Limited Liability company and most of my services presently are “Private Tuition”. My question is "Do I need to charge for VAT from my clients as this is education-related services which I provided myself?

You can search on HMRC website or seek paid professional advice, its not really a QF software related question for forum

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Thanks Faraday. I have checked HMRC and is found@ VAT Notice 701/30 (section 6)

According to that notice private tuition of school subjects is VAT exempt, not zero rated. So if all your income is from private tuition then you shouldn’t be VAT registered at all (you’re not making any taxable supplies).

If your income is partly exempt and partly taxable then you need to talk to an accountant as it gets complicated pretty quickly - you can only claim back VAT on purchases that relate to taxable supplies.

Great comments Ian !. Thanks for your support.

But generally I would echo the comment above by FaradayKeynes - this forum is good for telling you how you record things in QuickFile (“I need to record some sales at 5% VAT, how do I do that”), but questions like this about what you should be recording (“how much VAT should I charge”) are a matter for you and your accountant.

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