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VAT on services for purchase invoices from outside the uk

How do you process the purchase invoices from non-UK suppliers if you are a uk registered business, ie B2B, for vat purposes for the vat return,
I ticked the box “Reverse chard on services”, but is only brought in the purchase amounts, in boxes 1,4 , 6 and 7 , and no vat amounts.

Hi @paulgold

This guide may help you: Choosing the right VAT options for your overseas clients and suppliers

but it is always worth checking with your accountant

You have to put the amount the supplier charged you as the net and then set the appropriate VAT rate that you would have been charged if you had bought the same service from a supplier in the UK (usually 20%). With the reverse charge box ticked this will appear to add the UK vat on top of what the supplier charged, but then deduct it again leaving just the net as the total, and on your return the vat will go into both boxes 1 and 4.

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Thanks Ian.
that works.

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