VAT on utility bills


I am LTD VAT registered using home as an office. How do I book an entry claiming VAT on home utility bills? For example total VAT on utility is 100£ and I would like reclaim 20%.

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Hi @Yury

I think perhaps an accountant may be better positioned to advise on this, but this topic may be of some help:

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Hi Yury,

I would enter it as a journal similar to the topic @QFMathew quoted however as you want to include the VAT element I would enter the following:

Debit use of home as office with net amount
Debit purchase tax control account with the VAT element
Credit directors loan account.

It may be worth mentioning that based on previous investigations from clients that around £10 per week as use of home as office without evidence is acceptable to HMRC but that is not definite and could change.

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Rather than putting the VAT element into “purchase tax control” you should probably put it into “manual adjustments”, as you’ll need to manually adjust the amount into the right boxes on your VAT return - the QuickFile automatic VAT calculations are only based on sales and purchase invoices, journals into the control accounts won’t be picked up automatically.

Thank you for the suggestions. I decided to create myself as the supplier in QF, in that case system does all the things automatically. The sums are less than 10# per week, so hopefully should work for HMRC.