VAT only invoice received

I have received a VAT only invoice from a solicitor who has been dealing with an insurance claim on behalf of my insurance company. I have no idea how to enter this into Quickbooks so I can reclaim it from HMRC with my next VAT return.

I have done a search but I don’t understand the answers which seem to apply to creating a VAT only invoice - not receiving one.

Can someone advise how I account for this?

Just to double check, are you speaking about QuickBooks or quickfile? This forum is for quickfile.

Hello @ drpeej

Posting a Vat only invoice is the same for clients as suppliers.

You can post a VAT only invoice using 2 lines. The first line would be the original purchase at 20% VAT, the second would be a reversal of the NET sum set at 0% VAT.


The link below is related to a similar post which may help.

sorry - my mistake. It is Quickfile

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This has worked for me

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