VAT only invoice requirement

Hi there, as my VAT registration has been backdated to 1st August and the 3 invoices previously issued are paid, I have been asked to issue a VAT only invoice. They cannot process the payment if I issue 3 credit notes and then re-invoice them with the invoices containing VAT.

The VAT is of the order of £6,000 which I need to collect and which they will gladly pay if I send them the VAT only invoice.

Is this possible with the system and, if so, how do I go about it?

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You can post a VAT only invoice using 2 lines. The first line would be the original sale at 20% VAT, the second would be a reversal of the NET sum set at 0% VAT.

This will leave you with a VAT only invoice for £6,000.


I have to do this with one of my clients.It’s a pain but it’s the only way they will pay me ! Also have to copy and paste the invoices into an email ans send it manually. Bummer.
I just send them a single line invoice for the VAT, and quote the invoice number it relates to. Not sure it’s the right way to do it but they pay me, so…

You can edit the invoices from within your control panel as you send them so you could save having to manually copy everything externally. By default the invoice email template sends out an overview of the invoice details, you could tweak this template to send out more info and also edit it yourself before sending. Might save a few steps.

I’ve never done this but I think this will create some incorrect entries on your VAT return so your figures will be skewed.

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