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VAT period defaults to two months not three

I’ve only been using QF for a couple of weeks, so if the answer to this exists, I apologise for not finding it!

A slight oddity (but easy enough to live with) is that now I’ve started putting my old VAT returns in (I’m putting a couple of years’ worth of data in to match up and double-check with my previous accounting package) I’m finding that when I add a new VAT return, the start date is correct but the end date is only two months on, not three. So for example, having completed the June return and submitted it, when I ‘Add return’ I get dates pre-filled of start July 1st (correct) but end Aug 31st (should be Sept 30th). See screenshots attached.

Thanks in advance - Dominic


My settings are above and here are the pre-filled dates.

The vat period settings in QuickFile are the start of each period rather than the end, so if your quarters are April-June and Jul-Sep then you should pick “Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct” as the vat period.

Many thanks Ian. I hadn’t spotted that on the screen and hadn’t come across that convention anywhere else! Change made and all good…


Yeah, it is an unusual way to present the quarter dates, and I’m sure you’re not the first person to be caught out by it - I remember other threads on the same subject in the past.