VAT Period has locked a Bank tag error


I don’t suppose you have an easy work around for a payment we received that has been incorrectly tagged to the wrong customer which needs detagging and reallocating? Its from a period currently locked due to a VAT return.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @w9gga

How is the payment tagged - to a client as a prepayment or to an invoice too?

How far back is the VAT return? For example, was it your latest one on QuickFile, or was it a few VAT periods ago?

Its from the last VAT period (we do one quarterly and this was for a July payment).

I had 2 outstanding invoices, both for the same total but to 2 different clients. I accidentally tagged a received payment to the wrong client so need to amend.

The easiest way around this would be to roll back the VAT return, correct the error, and resubmit the VAT return (only within QuickFile).

To do this, view the VAT return itself under Reports >> VAT Returns, and select Rollback Return at the bottom. This will completely reverse that return unlocking any transactions or invoices linked to it.

Correct the error, and then re-run the VAT return to lock everything down again.

The only other option would be to credit note the invoice and re-issue it, and then tag it correctly. However, this will also show up in your client’s control panel if they have access to it.

I hope that helps

Thanks - sounds like a plan to rollback.
When I re-run it will it send anything to HMRC though? - it normally links through automatically.

You should see a tick box with an option to submit it. Just simply untick it.

Even if you left it ticked, HMRC will reject it as they’ve already received it :slight_smile:

Fantastic - thats sorted me out!
Handy to know I can roll back for future actually.

Thanks for top notch support as usual!.

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