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VAT Rates and charges UK to all European & Worldwide Countries

I sell ecommerce garments via our website. We sell worldwide and I am recently VAT registered. Due to the large volume of transactions I need to bulk log sales to a single weekly/monthly invoice.

I have tried to find a lot of resources on how much we should charge such as the following: 2021 European Union VAT rates - Avalara & International VAT and GST rates 2021 - Avalara but I know a lot are reverse charge VAT so wondered if there was a list out there of how much we should charge for each country? I can then do the calculation. i.e Germany is 19% but reverse charged.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ToneMGMT,

You may want to speak to your accountant - they may have a list on all of the relevant VAT amounts

I’ve tried but any info you all can send me would be helpful.


You need to take professional advice, it was complicated even when we were within the EU VAT system and it’s even more so now we’ve left. And the EU rules for B2C sales are changing again later this year.

https://www.jamescowperkreston.co.uk/news/online-sales-goods-to-private-consumers-in-eu-post-brexit /

The “reverse charge” isn’t something that applies to sales of goods, it’s something the purchaser (not seller) of services from an overseas supplier needs to handle according to their local VAT rules.

I agree with the posters above about getting advice from your accountant. However, it is my understanding that if you are selling to end users in the EU you zero rate the sale just as you would to the rest of the world (UK sales would still be taxed at standard rate of course). However, VAT on the order will need to be paid on import into the EU country, as well as any import duties applicable, and either your customer will need to pay this or you will have to pre-pay for your customer if your carrier is offering a DDP option (Delivered Duty Paid). I am an e-retailer and this is what I am doing.

Reverse charge does not apply to the sale of goods, only services.

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