VAT rates for diferent countries

I see that great QuickFiles has many different VAT rates in combo box for supplier invoices :slight_smile: (maybe because I have enabled different currencies). Is it a problem to extend VAT rates (for currency PLN - Poland) for Sales and Purchases to those missing below ([__]):

23% [ok] MainVAT
8% [] Lowered1
7% [
] Some Farmers
5% [ok] Lowered2
4% [] Some Taxi Drivers
0% [
] Lowered3 (yes zero)
no [ok] No VAT

I haven’t found that I can configure it somewhere by myself :frowning:
This feature + changing main currency and you can go fully international :smiley:

When entering purchase invoices you can actually just override the VAT amount. Perhaps not ideal but at least you’ll be accounting for VAT correctly. As there are potentially so many different rates just in the EU, we’d probably end up replacing the dropdown for a text box.

Thanks! That is helpful.
(Ideal would be: edited combo box [text box + combo] - don’t know if such thing is in .net)

Is there any chance to have edited vat rate also in sales invoice ? (in one month/half year/1 year/never)

There are javascript combo boxes that we can use, we use them elsewhere for predictive nominal code searching. Unfortunately any changes made on these areas need to be tested in minute detail, it’s such a critical part of the system.

For now we would rather just add the rates as and when. Although I don’t see a case for adding different rates on the sales invoices as here we just need to support the standard UK VAT rates? I’ll check with an accountant on this.


We’ve just added 8, 7 and 4 percent rates on the purchase side. No VAT in QuickFile is the equivalent of 0%.

Thank you. I have found QuickFile as a great tool for LTD. But when I was exploring the QFile I started thinking abotu using it also for companies/persons from Poland. Working with a Bank Acount is great, now Purchase Invoices. I think taht QFile even in some parts can bye still helpfull for foregin persons/companies. I know that for LTD companies that 8% and 23% dosen’t make sense for Sales Invoice. However I will show QFile to my friend who is accountant in Poland :smile:

(I don’t know VAT regulations in UK, but in Poland the “0% VAT” or “0% VAT - export/import sale” is a “VAT Sale” but “No VAT” is a “non VAT Sale” ->> and even this might look ‘strange’ ,it has implications for VAT return.)

Hi @juliusz thank you for your interest in QuickFile and for mentioning us to your accountant. We would really like to support companies outside of the UK in the future but we can’t offer any “official support” at this time. There is a more detailed discussion about why here.