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VAT Re-registration

A client of mine has re-registered for VAT from 01-Oct-2019. He was previously registered and used QuickFile for VAT and de-registered for VAT on 31-Mar-17. I tried to update the VAT Filing Start Date, but it wanted me to create returns for all period from the last VAT return that was filed. Is there a way round this, as I would prefer to get QuickFile to correctly reflect the VAT position rather than use a work around?

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy,

Can you just clarify that you have entered the start date in the VAT settings with the new date of 01.10.19?

When you say that it wants you to create returns for the ‘missing’ period where is it that it’s asking you to do this?

Yes. I entered it but then when you try to run a VAT report to be 1 Apr 2017?

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy,

You should be able to alter the dates at the top of the return, also, it shouldn’t bring anything through on the VAT return if the date has been set as 01.10.19?

When I tried this the first time it wanted the returns to start from 01 April 2017 but it isn’t now. I must have mis-keyed something. I am sorry for wasting your time.

Hi @Aspyre_Accountancy,

No problem, glad it’s all sorted for you now

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