VAT registration cancelled - going concern future invoices without VAT charged

A VAT registration has been cancelled with HMRC effective from 30/04/2024 which is showing when looking at HMRC MTD VAT account.

If I untick “VAT registered” in “Company setting” then the HMRC reporting system gets deactivated, so that’s not possible to do until after the final return has been submitted which will be done before deadline 08/07/2024; two months allowed to file a final return for VAT registrations on the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS).

In the meantime prior to doing the VAT final return; how do we update the system so that sales estimates/invoices do not include the VAT number.

I attempted removing the VAT number in “Invoice Settings” but this removes the number from earlier invoices which is a requirement for VAT regulations.

In the “VAT Settings” there is a box “VAT Filing Start Date” which is the date VAT registration started but no box to enter a “VAT Filing End Date” i.e. date of VAT registration cancellation; without having some way of entering an end date I cannot see how past VAT valid invoices will keep showing the appropriate VAT registration number. Also note invoices that were issued before VAT registration do not include the VAT number.

I hope this can be sorted out without delay as there are already estimates/invoices to issue for May.

Hello @alan_mcbrien

I have discussed this with the development team , the issue is at present the vat number is not stored in every invoice record.

I have raised this for them to look into further. Please bear with us, when I hear back I will let you know.

I have exactly the same concern, so waiting for solution.

As far as I know there’s nothing to stop you turning off the vat registered setting for now, then turning it back on temporarily just to complete your final return.

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Thanks @ian_roberts, VAT settings deactivated until ready to send a final VAT return.

Hi @QFSteve, I have had a further look at how to fix not having a VAT number quoted on invoices that were issued whilst VAT registered.

Supplementary Page - added to relevant invoices

Account Settings > Advanced Settings > Design Settings > Advanced CSS & HTML Customisation > HTNL Snippets

VAT registration

<p>Mr Joe Bloggs</p>

<p>VAT no. nnn NNNN nn</p>

This achieves the required result as VAT registration details have been appended where VAT was charged.

Please let the development team know of this wprkaround.

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