VAT registration - invoicing when application is in progress


I have a client that is waiting for my vat no but hmrc are taking their time in processing it. I spoke to them for advise and they suggested raising a pro-forma invoice with the total including vat with a note to say vat reg s in progress. Is there a way I can do this and then issue an official invoice with itemized vat and vat no.

A lot of our clients will be schools so it is beneficial for us to register for VAT as they claim it back.

Any help on this will be much appreciated as we have started the job already and issued a quote but need to send an invoice out asap.


You could enter TBC in the VAT Registration number field in Company Settings (Account Settings >> Company Settings). You can then raise an invoice as normal, perhaps also include a note “Pending VAT Registration, VAT Number to follow”.

You could also use the estimate system to send a pro-forma invoice and then once VAT registered convert to an invoice, see the posting below for further details:

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