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VAT Registration part way through year

Hi - we are thinking about deregistering for VAT as we imagine we will be under the threshold for the next financial year . If we wanted to re-register for part way through the year, would it be possible to update our VAT status with Quick File also part way through the year?

Hi @SouthBank1,

Yes you can update your VAT settings at any point. If you have a search for “re-register VAT” then you will see a couple of people have done the same you may just have to do some tweaking to your account

Does this work equally well for de-registering?

And would the system remember previous VAT transactions if we de-register and then register again?

Are you sure you want to de-register?
You will not be able to reclaim any Input Tax if you do.

Don’t forget, its based on a rolling 12 months period, not per your financial period.

If you feel, you will be under for a small amount of time, say some months, or a year. It may be worth just leaving it, specially if your customers are vat registered business.

It might just be a lot less of a headache, leaving things as they are, unless you are getting a financial benefit from deregistering

Just a thought!

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