VAT report reconciliation to financial statments differences

hi all

may you please assist what could caused the VAT report sales differ from the actialsales in the financial statemnets,i understand that in the vat report the are debit notes that are still showing up in as output tax howebver thats not the only difference i am getting, where else may i check <> note that there are no out of periods transactions.


Cash basis for vat Vs accrual sales in P&l

hi FaradayKeynes

but i do not have cash basis or accrued sales

May be flat rate and adjustments

thank you but i doubt

what else could cause the difference

whats your vat scheme? cash or accrual basis?

there are no schemes per say but i have tax rates, and i am using pastel accounting

Hi @Simphiwe

Am I right in thinking pastel accounting isn’t a UK based tax scheme?

Hi Q

yes you are right, but maybe you guys might have an idea i am stucked here and i am
in Eswatini

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Unfortunately we can only offer support here for QuickFile accounting software.

QuickFile only supports UK based businesses (and therefore the UK tax system - VAT, corporation tax, etc.)

thank you for your response, where can you refer me to if yiu have an idea?

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