VAT Report - Rollback


I have just created a VAT Report using Quickfile and submitted my return, i didn’t think nothing of it at the time as i in-putted the correct date ranges, however in my sleep something was playing on my mind, i ran a report for the periods 01/11/2014 to 3101/2014 and i made a slight adjustment.

i have just downloaded the calculations to keep on file and i have noticed that all my invoices dating back to 06/13 are in there and all purchases dating back to 07/13 are in there as well

Does this mean my whole Submitted VAT return is wrong?

A fast response is greatly appreciated



Are you sure about dates? we are in March 2014, i presume its 01/11/2013?
Are you doing vat on cash or accrual basis?


Ops, yes its 01/11/13 to 31/01/14, i can send you a copy of the calculations for those periods and it shows purchases and invoices before those dates or you will have access to my account, you can run the report yourself and see what it brings up.

i need some answers as i need to be sorting out my VAT return which i have already submitted last night

i am doing VAT on cash basis

Once again a fast response is appreciated



@Glenn should have access to your account , he will be with you soon, I am just a forum user not associated with QF.
I presume it was first vat return you did through QF? Previously you were doing it through some other software?
Any adjustments, you can always make at next vat return

I checked your VAT settings and the VAT start date is set as ‘01/07/2013’. This would mean that all transactions unreconciled for VAT entered from that date would be pulled forward into your first return.

Whenever you file your first return in Quick File the following message is displayed:

One way you can correct this is by following these steps:

  1. Make a record of the figures submitted to HMRC on this return.
  2. Roll back the return (You will need to ask us to do that for your as it was electronically filed).
  3. Move the start date forward to ‘01/11/2013’.
  4. File the return again, but uncheck the box to submit to HMRC.
  5. Make a note of the differences between boxes 1-9 when compared to the submitted return.
  6. When you then submit your next quarters return, adjust out the differences and submit.

This should suffice if the differences between the original and corrected returns are not significant. I would always recommend you speak to your accountant to discuss the best way to correct the data. What I have provided here is a technical solution to the problem but may not always be applicable for every case.


Ok, i sort of understand, but this is not my first return, it is my second, however i did not use quickfile to submit my first return so according to Quickfile it is my first.

Just so i am sure, EVERY return (quarter) i have to change the vat start date or is this only for the first return (my second)

Yes please roll back the return, i cant seem to change the start date, is this because you need to do the roll back first



This only applies to the very first return you file in Quick File, after that each subsequent return will follow on from the last. The start date on the first return works like a barrier to prevent earlier invoices from being brought forward.

We will need to do the rollback first, but this needs to be done by an engineer. I have emailed my colleague to look at this first thing Monday morning. I will report back when it’s done.

Just to confirm, the original VAT return has been rolled back and we’ve set the new start date to 01/11/2013. Now when you run the VAT return you will get an accurate return for that period. Jot down the differences in boxes 1-9 so they can be adjusted next quarter.