VAT report screen and invoices viewed


On the new VAT report list screen it seems to assume everyone is due to pay VAT not receive a refund ie “VAT Due” and “payment due date” - technically ambiguous but doesn’t seem that way!

Also it may just be me (latest firefox/linux) but the “viewed invoices edged in green” is just a single thin line on the left, not very easy to see.

QF - Still fab after all these years!

Hi @Paul

Thank you, as always, for the positive feedback!

I’ll certainly pass this to our team to see if we can get that updated :slight_smile:

I will try to take a look at this on the same setup to see what you’re seeing. However, you can customise this if you wish to make it a bit clearer. @ian_roberts posted a few suggestions here:

New colour scheme and icons - #4 by ian_roberts

Hope that helps!