VAT return blank

Why are my figures not transferring to my VAT return

Hello @nichollsbros

I had a look at your account and you have the Vat Filing start date in your VAT settings set in June.

I have amended this to 01/02/2022 as this is the date I can see for you first unreconciled return.

The return is now showing figures.

Thanks for your reply and help

Can anyone please help as QF have told me you need to pay an accountant to submit VAT via their software.
I have followed all instructions and set up Excel but this doesn’t load.
I have then sent Excel for QF to review incase i have made an error , this was finally done by their team.
I still cant upload VAT in their preferred format and now am being chased by Bailiffs.

Im not sure this system is fit for purpose and if anyone could highlight this to HMRC who have moved all business to platforms like this i think it would really help everyone trying to use this system that is more difficult than the old HMRC VAT submission page.

Why can’t you upload the file? What does it say when you try? Personally I have no issues with quickfile. I’ve used their vat setup with no problems for a good while. Granted there will be some issues but many of them i think come from hmrc rather than quickfile like access errors. Is that the sort of thing your seeing?

I m afraid i disagree that issues come from HRMC as files are simply not accepted.

Why Quick File doesn’t just have a blank template Excel sheet you can download i don’t understand and why HMRC has made us use companies like Quick File to upload tax making it so much more difficult .

Quick File have informed me you need an accountant to use their system which is an additional cost to a business , 7 x years ive uploaded VAT to HMRC with no issues now im being chased by Bailiffs as Quick File simply won’t help in uploading these docs.

Finally uploaded first return from last year having changed nothing on previous EXCEL .

Now being told i need to pay to submit additional VAT from having been told by HMRC this would be a free service .

How have we got into such a mess using external companies like Quick File to service government programmes ?

Hi @Bars

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with QuickFile, but we’ve answered all your requests since you first contacted us in December 2021.

To answer your queries in your posts initially -

Making Tax Digital (MTD) requires you to keep digital records to derive the VAT figures from. As such, we’re unable to offer a blank template as each business would have their own sources and methods for calculating VAT (e.g. they may have both a physical and online presence and need to combine the two). As such, a blank template wouldn’t be sufficient to meet the requirements of MTD.

As clarified in my previous private messages, what my colleague advised you is that we’re not able to submit the VAT return on your behalf and that it would need to be done either by yourself or by someone employed on your behalf such as an accountant. As my colleague also mentioned, we have a directory of accountants who may be able to help with this.

The files you have provided to us while we’ve been assisting you have uploaded without any issues. In case you haven’t seen it, please check your inbox for my last response which includes a video of how to upload your file, which also shows the figures importing without any errors.

As previously asked, if you are seeing any error messages, please share them. We haven’t received anything as of yet in regards to this, so unfortunately we’re working a bit blind in regards to what errors you’re seeing.

As advised by my colleague back in April in a private message, our VAT submission module is free where you use QuickFile for invoices, bank transactions, etc. However, as you are using the bridging module and opt to calculate the figures externally to QuickFile. For reference, this is a snippet from the email back in April, which is still correct:

Our Bridging Module is £45 + vat annually.
QuickFile is free up to your first 1000 nominal postings then £45 + vat annually after that.

As you’ve opted for the bridging module (where you calculate the figures externally and upload them for submission to HMRC) this would be £45 + VAT per year. However, the first submission is free of charge.