VAT Return Box 6 includes VAT

When I create my Return, box 6 shows the amount including vat rather than excluding vat and nothing shows in box 1. All my invoices show correct vat breakdown

Are you on flat rate scheme if yes accrual or cash basis?

Hi there
No I am not on flat rate scheme I am on a cash basisNick

Sounds like you have it set up for flat rate scheme by accident

Most of my invoices are at 20% some are 5% and some No VAT all invoices show correct Vat break down

Nick Tebbutt

Would it help if I sent screen relevant screen shots privately?

Hi @Piper1

Does the VAT return figures match that of the breakdown export?

Box 6 shows the gross amount including vat
Box 1 shows 0

Does that match the export from the return or is it different?

The export file does not show VAT but each individual invoice does show it

I have found that by changing the end date on the VAT report to today’s date I can get the correct VAT breakdown but if I put in the first of August as the end date it doesn’t show the correct VAT breakdown and the figures revert to zero. I have tried to go back day by day and it is okay until I get to 5th August when the correct breakdown disappears (screenshots below).


Nick Tebbutt

Hi Mathew
I would like to create a Vat report 1 May '20 to 31 July '20 I hope some body can help me, as historical reports are important for my records.
Thanks Nick

Hi @Piper1

Let me send you a private message

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