VAT Return Calculations?


I’m loving Quickfile…particularly its ‘ease of use’!
However, I have a query regarding VAT Return calculations.

I recently downloaded an Excel spreadsheet of VAT Return calculations for the 2nd quarter of my current financial year. As well as including the desired entries relating to that of the 2nd quarter, the report also contained entries from other quarters too (e.g. 1st quarter)? To clarify - I am definitely selecting the correct date period on the VAT Return Report page prior to viewing the calculations spreadsheet!

Can you please advise me on where I’m going wrong? I just want the report to only include the VAT entries for sales and purchases relating to that period / quarter.

Many thanks.

What are your vat settings?

Quick File automatically pulls forward any unreconciled VAT items into your return even if they predate the return period you select. This is to allow for missed items in previous returns to be factored into the next return.

If this is your first VAT return then most transactions before will be brought forward. This is not always desirable so you will need to go into VAT settings and enter your VAT Start Date to match the first day of the return you’re filing. the VAT Start Date acts as a barrier to prevent any transactions from being brought forward.

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