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Vat return dates on dashboard incorrect for a number of clients


I am an accountant with affinity and have noticed that the Vat return dates on some of my clients are incorrect. I assume it picks this up from the Company data / Vat settings ?

One example would be account 6131534377 who registered for Vat with effect from 1st Jan 2021 with a three monthly cycle however on the dashboard it shows the return being due by 7th Feb but this is impossible.

I think there might be a glitch so could you take a look.

Many thanks


Hi @Echohead.

It may be because they haven’t had their first VAT return saved on the system yet - I will report this to the dev team to investigate further

7th Feb would be the deadline for the previous return for someone on calendar quarters (Oct-Dec 2020), so maybe it’s just ignoring the start date and going on the quarter months regardless.

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