VAT Return different from previewed transactions

a/c 6131440724 I am doing a second VAT return, the 1st was committed, but the transaction list preview has the previous 1/4 in as well. But the totals on the 1st screen seem to only be the correct 1/4.

What am I doing wrong ?

Any invoices for a filed VAT return that are added after the return was filed will get automatically brought forward into the next VAT return. I see a few items on there that are for the previously filed period, but entered into the system in June.

If you want to disable this behaviour you can change the start date in the VAT settings to correspond with the commencement of this new period:

Thanks for the swift help

Change from cash to acrual accounting has left the May items - how can I change them to 1st June please ?

Looks like you’ve already updated it, I just checked your VAT calcs and all items are post 1st June.

No, Inv 737272 is dated 31st May and is not pulled through to the VAT return. Is there a way to change the invoice date, as opposed to the payment date, to the 1st June please ?

Best. David

It wouldn’t if you’ve moved the start date to 1st June. To get it in that VAT return you’d need to change the date on the invoice forward to 1st June.


If you have any credit notes on that invoice you will need to remove them first before the date can be changed, you can then add the CN again afterwards.