VAT Return - Doubled Adjustment Amounts in Submission

Hi there,

I have inputted all my amounts in to my VAT return, when I submitted it it doubled the amount I owe to HMRC. Why has that happened and how can the problem be resolved so that I only pay the VAT I owe HMRC?


Hi @keat

Can I confirm firstly how you’ve input the details for the return?

Hi Mathew,

I added the amounts I owe and my taxable turnover manually in to the adjustments boxes as that seemed to be the only place I could input my figures. I have just started using Quickfile and purely so that I can comply with the government’s MTD policy for VAT returns. I do not have any of my accounts within Quickfile and had not set up using the bridging module either. When I had saved my return it had saved with the correct figures. It was only on submitting it to HMRC that it has doubled them. Even when I download the calculations the correct numbers I originally inputted are in the excel file. Why has the system doubled my numbers and submitted them incorrectly to HMRC? How can I ensure that on my next return it won’t do the same?

Thanks for your support

Then I’m afraid you’re not compliant with MTD. The MTD scheme isn’t just about using software to submit the returns (which is something you’ve been able to do for years already under the previous scheme), it’s about keeping your records in digital form in the first place and having “digital links” when you have to move data from one system to another - you’re not supposed to be transferring numbers by hand.

If you’re keeping your records in spreadsheets then you can use the bridging module to upload the spreadsheet and transfer the totals digitally into your VAT return, and this counts as a “digital link” for the purposes of MTD, but manually copying and pasting figures into a web page does not.

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