Vat return ec sales services only


Having issues with HMRC, regarding the filing of EC sales, I would like to remind Quickfile that BOX 8 is only valid for EC Sales List if the sales are goods only.

This box should remain nil if the EC sales is made of Services. Hence when clients have sold services abroad, we had to adjust the amount to 0.00. This means that this does not create a VAT EC sales list that we can file with your software.

We then have to trace all the invoices manually and this can take quite some time. Any chance you could modify your software so that we do not have to do this manually, thus avoiding errors?

Other software do have this facility, why not yours?

Thank you.

Hello @ElpisBS

This is correct. QuickFile doesn’t differentiate between goods and services so a manual adjustment would be required in this case.

We can certainly review this, however given the situation with the UK leaving the EU, as far as I’m aware it’s still a bit of a murky area (although I could be wrong - it’s not an area I deal with).

I will however pass your comments to my colleagues.

It may also be worth referring to HMRC’s guidance on EC Sales list.

How to complete an ESL

They do state here to include:

the value of the services you have provided where the place of supply is the customer’s country and the services are subject to a reverse charge. Enter code ‘3’ in the indicator column

Yes, but the OP is saying that if you make a manual adjustment that sets box 8 to zero (which it should be if your only EC sales this quarter were services rather than goods) then the ECSL button doesn’t appear at all and it’s not possible to submit the matching ECSL from QuickFile. Maybe the button should be available whenever there are any qualifying sales invoices in the period even if their value has been adjusted out of box 8?

Thank you. I agree that there should still be an option to file the VAT101 via Quickfile instead of extracting the information and fill in the form manually as this is prone to human error.

Hi all,

I have the same pickle, and spent the whole day to wrap my head around it. I finally submitted a bug report for it: EC Reverse Charges for services

This thread here (which I didn’t find while searching for VAT Reports) confirms that Quickfile wrongly aggregates service sales to EU customers into Box 8 instead of Box 6 (where it belongs). Therefore a manual adjustment each quarter is required (lowering Box 8 value and raising Box 6 value but he same amount).

However, the EC Sales List requires reporting both supply of goods and supply of services to HMRC!

If it’s true what is described here, i.e. electronic EC Sales List generation and submission available only when supplies of goods is reported, then that is a serious drawback!

I have this same issue - ZERO supplies of goods in Box 8 (manually adjusted) so now unable to submit my ECSL from Quickfile. Has this not been resolved ? I only moved across so I didn’t need to use manual VAT forms.

Hi @canard

There hasn’t been any changes here, but it is an area we will review in due course, more so with Brexit (possibly) just around the corner.

what happens if I rollback my VAT return, undo the manual adjustment to Box 8 ? will it allow me then to submit an ECSL ? I realise my VAT return is already submitted and I wouldn’t want to submit the main return again.

If there’s a figure in box 8, it should give you the option to submit an ECSL then.

Has this been resolved. I can’t help but feel that leaving quickfile out of date for 2 years while Brexit was resolved was not a great solution.

Is there a step by step on how to do this?