VAT Return Electronic Filing Details


i am trying to do my 1st vat return but every time i try it says not submitted.
i have checked my settings and they seem correct.

i can’t find anywhere to put my gateway number …would this be the problem?

please help!!!

Hi @mikedelane

If you go to Account Settings > Company Settings, you’ll see a button for VAT settings:

Ensure the online filing box is ticked:

This will reveal the are where you can input your username, password etc.:

Hope that helps!

The settings are also available from your VAT returns page. The username should be the one you use to log into HMRC


i have tried all this and can not submit my vat returns.

do i not have to enter my gateway no?


I believe your username should be your gateway number. What ‘username’ do you use on the HMRC web site?

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The username you have in your account at the moment looks wrong. What you enter into QF should be the same as what you’d enter on the HMRC online portal.


I have tried to change my id and password but it will not save them.
When i try to submit i get this message…


I believe the failure is due to the problem changing my gateway details.

Can you advise please.


What is happening when you try to save them? Are you getting any error messages there?

No just goes back to the sttings allready saved…most frustrating! !!

What makes you think it isn’t saving? Are you sure the details are correct? Are you copying the details from an email or something? Try typing them in as most of these errors are due to copying extra characters in by accident.

You would see an error message if something was wrong, or a success message if they’ve saved all OK. What browser are you using? Do you have any plug ins or extensions that could be interfering?

I can confirm that your VAT filing credentials are correct.

The reason you are getting this error message is because you’re not enrolled to submit VAT returns online with HMRC. If you log into your HMRC account and click here:

There is no option for “Electronic VAT returns”, you should however be able to enrol on that page.

Hi again,

I have checked and I am registered for online baking.

I tried it again just now and it said again and it said the same thing.

The info I am trying to enter is as follows…

Usser ID 455629654983.

Please help as the vat office are pushing me for my return.


07860 646111

You are not registered for electronic VAT return submissions with HMRC.

You need to log into your HMRC online account and enable the service first.

Once you have done this and received confirmation from HMRC you will be able to file electronic VAT returns from QuickFile.


Hi again,

I have checked if I am registered for online returns and I am.

I tried it again just now and it said the same thing.

The info I am trying to enter is as follows…

Usser ID 829089551127

Please help as the vat office are pushing me for my return.


07860 646111

If you can’t get the direct integration to work and you need to submit urgently, then you can take the figures that QuickFile calculated and enter them into the HMRC web site to submit the return yourself. You should still mark the return as “submitted” in QuickFile so the appropriate journals are added there.

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ok…but if i can get them to hold on for my return can this problem be fixed.
as i am a new user to quick file i would like to get it to work.


I can tell you categorically that you are not enrolled for electronic VAT submission with HMRC. I queried this on your account earlier via your filing credentials.

You will need to do the following…

  1. First login here:

  2. Now click “Services you can add”.

  3. Now click to enroll for VAT as per the last screen shot.

hi glen

its me again!!!

I am trying to get to grips with ‘vat margin’ purchases and sales invoices.

how do i do a vat margin invoice.

how will your accounting system work out the difference between the purchase price on which i did not pay vat, and the sales invoice which as i understand it, i would only have vat charged on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

how does the system tie up the purchase invoice with the sales invoice and work out the vat element.



Hi Michael

We don’t directly support the VAT margin scheme, but this topic may be of use:

I’ve checked this with a colleague, as it seems a bit complex. We believe the rules for the VAT margin scheme have changed since the post I linked to above too.

We understand that VAT cannot be reclaimed by your client from the invoice, and as such you would need to issue a zero rated invoice.

You’d then have to set up a client called something like “VMS Adjustments” and create a second invoice to account for the 16.67% VAT. 16.67% is the VAT that the seller must pay on the profit (as of March 2016 - source).

The 16.67% rate will need to be added to the QF account first as it’s not a standard rate. You can do this in Account Settings >> Advanced Features.

Now the VMS Adjustments invoice should look like this:

This second invoice is not issued to anybody but will ensure the VAT is levied on the margin.

You could of course just track all this on a separate spreadsheet and use adjustments before posting the VAT return. If you’re processing many of these types of transactions then this may be the easier (and potentially quicker) route.

But, we aren’t accountants, so the best advice I can give is ask a professional.

I hope that helps?