Vat return - help pls

Fairly new (basic) user here.
I’ve completed a VAT tax return with HMRC (independent of QF)
However, I now need to reflect it on QF and show the entries on the dashboard.
Please advise.
Thanks, Darren

Did you use the figures in QF to populate the vat return you manually inputed?

If not then good luck.

Hi Paul…I manually entered the figures into the return.

Yes but did you use the figures from quickfile to do it. I.e take the sales and purchases from the 3 months and use those to input figures in to the vat return?

Yes, I did take the sales and purchases from QF to input figures into the return.

In that case, just generate a vat return in QF and click save. But don’t submit it. That should be all you need to do. Obviously check the figures match with what you submitted.

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