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VAT Return Help


I’m using QuickBooks for the first time.

I’m trying to Electronically file my VAT Return.

I have inputed all my Sales, and Purchases for the period.

But when I press the button to creat my VAT return - there is no amounts showing in the return Boxes.

I have set the account as a Cash not Accrual account as that is how my Business works.

Can you please help.



And all the payments associated with your invoices are dated within the vat period?

If your on cash accounting then you’d be aware that it’s the payment dates which are relevant not the invoice dates

Hey Paul

Thanks for replying

I have now semi solved my problem. I hadn’t put the start date as 01/07/21. I’m trying to file for 01/07/21 to 30/09/21.

But now the Quickbook calculations are wrong on my return by about 4K.

Even though the Totals on the Sales page, and the Purchases page are right?

It seems to not be counting some of my entries. Again, I don’t understand why.



Is there a number I can phone to get support on quickbooks please?

Hi @NeilBis

More than happy to try and help you out there. Unfortunately we don’t offer telephone support, but we’re here to try our best with your queries.

Can I just firstly double check that you’re looking for support with QuickFile rather than Quickbooks?


Yes Quickfile!!

No problem! :slight_smile:

With cash accounting, it takes the payment date of the invoices rather than the invoice date. So if you have any invoices that are not paid in any way, then these wouldn’t count.

On the VAT return itself, you have an “Export” button at the top of the page. This details all invoices, and in the case of cash accounting, all payments that have been included.


Let me go through the figures again!

My brain is also adjusting to coming off the flat rate scheme, so maybe it’s just the way it’s paid out.

Thank you


Also bare in mind that the sales and expenses p and l will be based on acural not cash accounting, so that’s probably why your having difficulty matching both up.

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