VAT return - how do i know if its filed

I have just done my first VAT return using Quick file. I’m unable to tell if its successfully been filed with HMRC.

The status shows as “saved” when I view the return on your software
but when I clicked submit for the return it showed “submitted 5 July and the time” but at the top of the page. On my HMRC page it shows as outstanding.

I have registered with HMRC etc.

Is there something else I need to do?

Can anyone help please?

“Saved” means it is saved in QuickFile but not sent to HMRC - if it had filed with them it would say “submitted”.

To submit online you have to have your tax account properly linked (in reports -> HMRC, and be sure to link as an “organisation” rather then an “individual”), the file online and use MTD checkboxes ticked in your QuickFile VAT settings, and the “file online with HMRC” box ticked on the specific return before you save it.

You’ll need to roll back the saved return, ensure all the settings are as I describe above, then prepare a new return for the same period again and make sure the online filing box is ticked.

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Thanks Ian. You are absolutely right - I hadn’t got that magic box ticked. Now sorted. Appreciate the help