Vat return is not linked to hmrc account

It’s been months that we have not been able to submit our Vat returns as our account was blocked due to the address issue and HMRC would not unblock it. However, I have just made a phone enquiry with HMRC today and was told that the blockage on our account was actually lifted on 28th April 2021. After this, I have tried to create and submit our VAT but could not still do that. The red note on the bottom of the page says that the page is not linked to the HMRC. I would be pleased if you could look into it urgently. We have to submit our VAT return a.s.a.p. Many thanks. Nadia

Hi @Nadia_d

Have you tried the troubleshooting guide? Making Tax Digital: Troubleshooting

HMRC are also having some issues doing some updates so certain areas are not working.

If you are still having problems please feel free to share a screenshot of any error that you may see making sure to remove any sensitive information

Hi QFBeth, I have tried to MTD troubleshooting but it hasn’t helped. Please see the latest attached. Many thanks. Nadia

Hi @Nadia_d

from your screenshot I can see that the connection with HMRC has expired:

You will need to renew this consent to be able to submit your returns

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