VAT return linked to wrong period

Hello, I am trying to submit VAT return to HMRC for period August- October. When i click on Reports then select VAT Returns and then create and select this i have two periods which are shown as open August-October and November-January. The invoices are all showing up for period Nov-Jan and not August-December. How do i correct this?

Hello @brianmc

Are you on cash accounting?

When you are on cash accounting it uses the payment dates of invoices to assign them to the relevant vat return.

For example

If you have an invoice dated 01/10/2022 and have paid it in November, the invoice will show on the November to January return.

If the payment dates have been entered incorrectly, locate them in the bank and edit the dates.

You may also want to make sure your Reports > Var Returns > Settings > Vat filing start date is set to a date pre 01/08/2022 as if it is not some transactions may be excluded.

Hello QFSteve,
thanks for the quick reply. Yeah payment dates entered correctly. All sorted now. Thank you very much - greatly appreciated.



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