VAT return missing sales

We’re onto our 2nd VAT return with quickfile and just before posting to HMRC (gulp!) I realised not all our sales had been picked up for box 6. The same suppliers and items were picked up in the 1st VAT return so I’m not sure what’s happening but it’s worrying :-o

The CSV download VAT calc is showing 5 invoices out of 13 for the period - we run cash VAT but all the invoice dates and payments are within the quarter dates. The good news is all the ones it has missed don’t have VAT on the invoice anyway (although 3 of the 5 invoices it picked up don’t have VAT either so that’s not the reason).

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m going to have to look through each purchase now to make sure everything has been picked up by the VAT report.

We did pay the annual membership fee this month - is that what’s changed :wink:

Hello @sadpanda

I would suspect there’s something about those invoices in particular that have caused them not to be picked up (e.g. VAT setting, payment date). We’re happy to investigate this, so I’ll send you a private message now and we’ll take a look for you.

Please look for a green notification in the top right hand corner.

Sorry - ignore me!
We’d left the “Outside scope of VAT” checkbox checked at the bottom of the invoice and we’re now unchecking that and it’s working.
Thank you for the quick response!!!

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