VAT return not registered with HMRC

Hi there

I am a new user to Quickfile and have submitted my first VAT return.

However, I have now received notification that HMRC have not received the VAT return. This is now 2 weeks overdue.

When I log into my Quickfile account, it says that I am unable to modify as the return was submitted back in May 19.

Please advise.



Hi @Adeel_Mirza

Does the return show as “SUBMITTED” in QuickFile?

No, it shows as Saved.

How do I submit, I’m sure I did that. I’ve linked the account to HMRC as well at the start…

You will need to roll the VAT return back firstly. If you view it, you should see the rollback button at the bottom of the page.

Before you create the new return, ensure that “Enable Online Filing” and “Use MTD Features” are both enabled in your VAT settings.

Lastly, when you create your new return, you should then see a box at the bottom of the page to submit it. Providing this is ticked, we’ll attempt to submit it for you.

Fantastic! Done the job. Any ideas why that happened the first time round? May need to explain why my first return was late to Lizzie’s HMRC!

Glad you managed to sort it :slightly_smiling_face:

It may just be that the box was accidentally unticked. It’s a bit tricky to tell. But at least it’s submitted now.

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