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VAT return old invoices

Hi I am new to quickfile and try to submit a first vat return for april , may and june.
I have set the vat to cash accounts which means only those paid invoices will be included.
However, when i look at the calculations, it is not showing the invoices paid dates between apr and june, it is picking up old invoices in March as well.

As I have done the Q1 return manually and based on bank transactions for all paid invoices, I dont know how i can use quickfile to do vat returns for the actually paid invoices with payment dates hitting the period april to june.

For example, I raised an invoice in March for £1000 but only paid in April, this invoice should be included in the Quarter 2 return, instead of Q1.

Please help.

Have you set a “vat start date” in your settings? QuickFile always pulls in anything from previous periods that hasn’t already been accounted for in a previous QuickFile return (so that if you submit a return but then subsequently discover a missing invoice or purchase that should have been part of it then you can enter it with the right date and it’ll automatically adjust the next return accordingly), but if you set a start date then it won’t include anything from before then.

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