VAT return picking old entry

The Vat return is showing uirchases greater than actual .
When i click on the edit next to box I can see it the adding purchse of 04/2019 along with putcshe of 04/2021.

Wonering what to do as I am now late to submit the return

Please assist

Hi @Anil

Have these purchases recently been entered into QuickFile (e.g. since your last VAT return)?

Have any of your VAT settings been changed?

No these entries are of 2019 Only entries of the last quarter have been entered recently


Hi @Anil

Do you create your return through QuickFile or do you use the bridging module?

If it is picking up transactions from 2019 it may be that you’ve accidentally rolled back an old return to unlock those transactions

Hi Beth,

This relates to my company PK Intl Ltd

I have two companies
Fort trading and marketing uses bridging
PK Intl Ltd. - uses the Quick file module

I did not roll back .
In order to file my return as it was overdue . I clicked the bridging model and filed the return


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