VAT Return Rollback

Hi All! My first time posting here. Been using QF now for 7 months and it’s been fantastic! No problems and really user friendly!
I used QF to do my 1st VAT return, but I didn’t submit it on QF and just manually entered figures onto HMRC website. I struggled using the calculation on my 2nd return, as I didn’t submit and I’m now onto my 3rd return; where I submitted. I have rolled that back and want to go and submit my 1st and 2nd, but it won’t allow me, as the dates are blocked out. I’ve changed the start date in the settings and pressed save, but it keeps going back to the default date (start of the 3rd VAT return that was submitted on QF).

I’ve read the other posts, but think maybe QF themselves have to do some magic resetting with my account - i’m not sure.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ashley, it might be a matter of pressing save button once more after accepting the date change warning.

To change the date go to VAT Returns and select VAT Settings:

Change the date and click save:

Next, OK the warning and click save again:

You will know the date have been successfully changed when you see the above confirmation graphics.


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