Vat Return Rolled back

I submitted a VAT return and afterwards thought I had done it wrong, panicked and used the rollback to amend. Once I’d done this I realised it was correct. Is the return still submitted or do I have to resubmit?

Hello @Mark27

Once a return is submitted (the figures are sent to HMRC and the transactions are flagged as reconciled), it can not be submitted again.

The rollback option does not affect HMRC, it just un reconciles the transactions that were on the return.

You will need to reproduce the return again and save it to re reconcile the transactions.

As the period is submitted you will need to do the below to resave the return.

  • Disable online filing in your QuickFile settings (the “HMRC account” dropdown)
  • Create and save a new VAT return for the same period
  • Turn online filing back on

If you have already made changes to your invoices or purchases to correct the error I suggest you change things back to the “incorrect” state first so that the new return that you save exactly matches the one you actually submitted. Then after you’ve saved the return, create the necessary credit notes/purchases/other invoices to correct the error and these will be pulled into your next return.

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I will come back to you if I need anything further.

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