VAT return showing as "saved" but not submitted to HMRC

Ready to make submission
all logged in correctly with pilot scheme
Saved Vat return in quickfile requesting a submission through QF
Saves vat return ok ,dialog box confirms this has not been submitted to HMRC!
Gov website states return no later than 7th March
I now have no option, on Gov website to enter manually .


Have you definitely connected your MTD tax account to QuickFile, and does the return have a green blue MTD label in the corner? QuickFile has long allowed you to submit returns online by providing your gov gateway ID and password in the VAT settings but that’s not the same as MTD.

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Hi @jack

As @ian_roberts mentions, your VAT return should be showing a blue MTD label in the top left corner, and also a period reference on the top right, similar to this:

If this isn’t the case, you would need to rollback the VAT return and resubmit it using MTD for HMRC to accept it.

I have tried sevaral times and connected to HMRC from quickfile but still do not get Blue Label.
Every time it submits to QF and showing as “saved” but not submitted to HMRC.

Is there anyway we can resolve this or move our of Beta MTD ?

Deadline is 7th Feb so bit concerned,

Thank you

Hi @devj

Before you complete the VAT return, are you selecting a VAT period? If not, then it wouldn’t be through MTD.

Please can you try by going to Reports >> HMRC, and selecting a period from there? That would link it up with a period expected by HMRC for MTD.

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