VAT Return Submission Error


I have submitted a Vat return however the submission was not successful I then received a message from yo that there was an error on the VRN number I think this could have been something to do with the space between the numbers which I forgot to remove original I have since updated this on the settings however how can I resubmit there is no roll back option. Please can some one help me.


Hi @Si2012,

If you go to Reports > VAT Returns then view the failed return. There is an option to roll back at the bottom

Hi Beth

Thanks for that I resubmitted however I received the same error message. This is so frustrating any ideas the VRN number is correct I presume this is the VAT number?

Hi @Si2012,

This usually happens if the sign up for MTD hasn’t been completed fully. Have you received the confirmation email from HMRC to confirm sign up has been completed?

Yes this was set up before by my previous accountant they were using their own software however I believe I have configured this on the settings with regards to your software earlier today but I have not recieved any confirmation from HMRC today.

Hi @Si2012,

You will not receive confirmation from HMRC when you connect QuickFile, you just get it when you’ve registered for MTD with HMRC.

If you log into HMRC directly you should be able to tell whether or not you are enrolled with MTD. It may be worth checking there or contacting their VAT helpline to make sure that everything is how it should be

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