Vat return submission failed. Incorrect Vat Period. Please check

This is the first time I have needed to file a VAT return using your software, however I do believe the VAT settings to be correct.

My VAT begin date is 24/02/14. My VAT Period is set to Feb, May, August, Nov.

But when I go to send my return I receive this error.

“Vat return submission failed. Incorrect Vat Period. Please check”

My key filing date is

07/09/2014 VAT Return electronic filing deadline

It’s worth contacting HMRC to confirm the exact dates they expect to receive on your VAT return. If the online VAT service dosn’t receive the dates exactly how they are expected, it will reject the return. Unfortunately their web service doesn’t actually provide the expected dates in the error response so it can be tricky with the very first return.

Once you know the dates enter these into QF, check the calculations then submit.

Thanks Glenn, I will try this and update this incident after.

These are my details filing dates from HMRC

Period:07 14
Date from: 24 Feb 2014 Date to:31 Jul 2014
Due date: 07 Sep 2014

From memory the HMRC filing service only allow whole months to be submitted. Try changing the start date to 1st Feb.

Hi Glenn, I also believe as this is my first return, the date range of this return is much larger. I will be doing the initial return directly. I will use your service from here after.

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