Vat return submission to HMRC failed

I have just tried to submit my VAT return from QF as I do every quarter. I got the
error message

Vat return submission to HMRC failed.
By Gateway : Authentication Failure. The supplied user credentials failed validation for the requested service.

The only thing that has changed since my last submission is that I have gone up 1% as I have come out of my first year’s discounted rate for flat rate VAT.

I have now submitted via HMRC website with no problem. I would rather do it through QF though in future. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I resolve it?



Just make sure to submit on QF without electronically sending to HMRC in order to lock down those transactions.

This error usually appears when the Gov Gateway credentials area wrong or the VAT reg number is malformed. Have you changed your Gov Gateway password recently?

Thanks for the prompt Glenn. I’ll do that now. No, no change of password.


I referred this to an engineer and it can’t be the flat rate percentage as this never gets sent to HMRC. It could however be the postcode, if you’ve changed address?

Beyond that it’s maybe something you’d need to check with HMRC VAT Support 0300 200 3701, unfortunately they only provide us with very generic errors.

Ok. I’ll give them a call. Many thanks Glenn.


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