VAT return submition never got sent


I submitted correctly my VAT return for the May-August 19 period. On QF it appears as submitted and saved but HM Revenue & Customs never received this and they sent us liability notice.

Is there a quick way to fix the issue?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @GLS_team,

If it has been submitted it will show as Submitted and have a reference from HMRC.

It may be that you didn’t have your settings correct for online filing and so the file only saved?

this happens to me and it did say saved, I rolled it back but Im not sure what to do.


If you have rolled it back you need to check that your VAT settings are all correct and that you have enabled online filing and entered the details for MTD.

You will then be able to go to Reports > HMRC, prepare your VAT return and submit there.

sorry then it says I’m not authorised yet.

If it is saying you are not Authorised you need to check with HMRC that you have successfully signed up to use MTD

have done, Ive spent all day on the pc one way or another.

unfortunately that is the error that is returned to us from HMRC if there is no link, so it may be that you have entered your VAT number slightly wrong in your VAT settings, linked the wrong Government Gateway account or that MTD hasn’t fully been set up to your account yet

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