VAT Return total sales figure incorrect

trying to prepare the HMRC VAT return (1/9/21-30/11/21) but the figure for “6. Total value of sales exc VAT” is too low. I’ve never had this problem before as QuickFile automatically sums the total from sales invoices created, and it’s never got it wrong, until now.
I’ve checked sales invoices are correct (they’re all showing as PAID and are tagged on the bank account), I’ve checked the General Sales (4000) in the chart of accounts and all invoices are included there. And I’ve checked the HMRC status and connection, all seems fine. I could make ‘adjustments’ but I’ve never had to do that in QuickFile before now so it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do?!
Grateful for any help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you exported the vat return and checked what’s been included?

Hi @Alistair

Another thing to check if you’re on cash accounting is the actual payment dates - if these aren’t within the period then the invoices won’t be included in the VAT return

Hi Paul, I’ve never used the export function before but just did and see that it lists the specific sales invoices and purchases included in calculations… and with QFBeth’s answer I can now see that it’s the payment date of a large payment for multiple invoices that’s outside of the period…very helpful thank you! :clap:

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Hi Beth, you’re spot on, feel foolish now as I know we’re on cash accounting and should have spotted the payment date.
There was a large payment for multiple invoices (that should have been paid within the period but weren’t) that’s outside of the VAT period… many thanks for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

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