VAT returns autofill

This is the first VAT return I have tried to do on quick file. I have completed sales and purchases invoices, saved them both, clicked on the VAT return and the boxes were all zero instead of the numbers from the invoices. How do I get the VAT return to fill in automatically? Thank you.

There’s a couple of things to check:

  • have you set a VAT start date in your QuickFile settings? If so it needs to be the start of the quarter you’re trying to file
  • are you on accrual or cash accounting? If cash, are the invoices and purchases marked as paid, and do the payment dates fall in the right quarter? For cash accounting it’s the date of the payment that matters, not the date of the invoice.

Marking them as paid has worked. Thank you.

You refer to “them both” - I should point out that under MTD you shouldn’t really be just manually entering one sale and one purchase with your quarter totals. The point of the exercise is that your backing records must be kept in some sort of software and there must be an unbroken chain of digital links from the original records right through to the VAT return.

If QuickFile is not the software that you’re using to record your invoices to customers and purchases from suppliers then you should be calculating the return in that software and using the bridging module to upload (not manually copy and paste) the calculated box totals into QuickFile to submit the return.

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