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VAT Returns - HMRC MTD letter regarding XML software

I have seen a discontinued post on this:

but that doesn’t answer the question of why HMRC is still sending these letters out telling us that our previous submissions have been submitted as unacceptable XML files. When like others I have registered for MTD and been submitting my VAT submissions using QuickFile. The letter to me was sent on Dec 24th, so they should know where they are coming from and that QF is submitting in an acceptable file type.
Does anyone else have the same problem?

Just an update…
My MTD payment registration confirmation from HMRC was received 6th Nov 2020, so it sounds like that has not been taken into account and the letter is just based on my previous VAT submission.

I totally agree, I posted the question and as yet have not done anything about it as have been preoccupied with other matters. I was thinking of double checking that I did indeed register to submit VAT returns in digital format, but believe I did and thought this was happening via QuickFile?
If you learn more as to what is happening, perhaps you would be kind enough share your experience.
Thanks, Eddie

If you’ve enabled mtd in your account and are submitting vat returns via mtd then this isn’t really a quickfile issue and more likely a hmrc error. Your best bet would be to call them and ask.

You can also login to your hmrc mtd account and double check that returns have been received through that but I’m guessing it has.

And another way to know if you’ve been using mtd submissions correctly is, when you start a new VAT return submission quickfile under mtd will display a list of open vat return periods, the old method did not, youd have to create one first.

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