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VAT Returns - no open periods shown

when i try to file my VAT return, quickfile does not fill up my return, instead i get a screen with my previously filed VAT returns to HMRC
how do i get rid of this screen and file my return?
i have uploaded a photo of what comes up on my screen.
thank you

Hi @nas,

This screenshot shows no open periods, if there was a period for you to file it would allow you to select it to prepare.

This list is given to us from HMRC so if you are expecting to see a period here it would be worth getting in touch with HMRC

thank you for replying,
this is an ongoing company so i expected to file a return on the 7th november for september return.
is it worth disconnecting and reconnecting?
thank you

Hi @nas

Disconnecting and reconnecting may work (the good old, “turn it off and back on again”!).

The list is actually supplied to us by HMRC, so it may be worth, in the first instance, logging into your HMRC account directly and seeing what it says. Following that, it may be worth speaking to HMRC about it.

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