VAT Returns not showing

The period I need to file does not show in the list of VAT Returns. This is the first return I am filing.

Hi @Martin-orbital

Is this after selecting “View VAT Obligations”?

same problem we need to file now july 1st to 30th september by the 7th november but the vat return does not show. our vat obligations are set to these 4 periods jan -march , apr-june.july -sept

when will it show so we can press submit

Yes. Just shows the previous two periods which were already filed through the HMRC portal.

same we need to file 1july to 30 sept 2019

Hi @brian_keates_Keates, @Mitin

When you view the VAT obligations we ask HMRC for a list of available periods. What you see there, is what HMRC return to us. Should be something like this:

If the period isn’t showing there, in the first instance, I would recommend logging into your HMRC account directly and seeing if it shows there.

But to confirm - if HMRC doesn’t let us know about the period, we can’t show it.

thanks thats the problem last quarter it showed prepare end of the quarter but now 2nd oct it should show prepare for the last quater and then you submit will wait a few days

The problem is that it shows Filed and Open as i expected - when i click prepare it prepares 6 months not three months as shown in the dates.
The correct period is in the dates - but too many (6 months) of Invoices and Receipts are listed including those already Pail VAT in the previous three months.
I expected only the Invoices and Receipts July-September - I can subtract an adjustment for the paid quarter before MTD. I have the spreadsheet figures of what was paid.
This makes a mockery of MTD.

Hi @RayForbes

Did you submit the previous VAT return through QuickFile? Were any of the invoices entered after the VAT return was submitted on QuickFile?

Thank you Mathew for a rapid response

The previous filing was pre-MTD for my company. The Invoices are correct if i adjust the previous filing in May - the direct debit was taken by HMRC as expected on the 8th August cleared by HSBC on 12 August when i was away.

This is the 1st filing via QF MTD I may have to subtract the previous quarter by manual adjustment later in October, before submitting it. I am checking the functionality and figures. I have my own digital system. The Figures for 6 months are correct, the QF manual non-MTD calculation for April-June is correct, as shown as “filed” on the MTD system.

It is the preparation for July-September, that is incorrect as it shows 6 months not 3 months.
It may be correct after the 3rd October.
The Invoice and receipt dates seem correct. The Figures seem correct it is just that the previous filing is not closed.

The way QuickFile works for VAT returns is that it will always include in your current return any invoice or purchase that is

  • dated on or after your “vat start date” as configured in your account settings, and
  • dated on or before the last day of the period you’re filing, and
  • not already accounted for in a previous return that is saved in/submitted from QuickFile

This is deliberate as it means that if you later find a purchase from an earlier quarter that you had forgotten to enter at the right time it will automatically adjust into your next return. However it does mean that if you have previously been keeping your records in QuickFile but not submitting the returns through the same software then you’ll have to do one of three things (or a combination) to get your first MTD return right, either

  • set a VAT start date of 1st July, so it ignores anything earlier
  • disable MTD temporarily in your QuickFile account settings and then prepare and save an April-June return (possibly with manual adjustments to make it match what you actually submitted) without submitting it online. This will lock down anything prior to July so the next MTD return doesn’t include it
  • make manual adjustments on your first MTD return to deduct the amount you’d already declared on the Apr-Jun one
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