VAT returns - problem with submission to HMRC?


Strange thing just happened. I tried to submit the VAT return and i got error message 1.
I tried the second time and got error message 2. (see screenshots below). However, even though the second attemp generated an error, it went through to HMRC. See email receipt confirmation.
Look at the computer time stamps on the error messages, it looks like the second one has gone through. I have also just received message from HMRC when the amount will be debited from the bank account.
Do you think it will be prudent to check HMRC online account to see if it has gone through?


Hi @Sameera

We had a brief interruption, but was quickly resolved. If HMRC has confirmed submission, that’s the main. You should be able to just save it without any issues. But please let us know if you notice anything else

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