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VAT returns report not showing an old open return

We’re a VAT positive business, so HMRC never chase us up over late VAT returns. As we are now finalising our 20/21 accounts, we are also submitting VAT returns once everything is tagged and checked.

We’ve managed to file 20C4 and 21C1, but 20C3 (1 July to 30 September 2020) is still due, but it does not show up on the VAT Returns report.

I’ve double checked on our Government Gateway account and this return definitely hasn’t been filed.

Is there a date filter on the VAT Return report set to exclude returns more than a year in the past?

Hi @Bywater

When you look at the returns there should be a little arrow that says show previous year:


Hope this helps?

Hi @QFBeth

This did help, but the page that allows you to see previous years VAT returns is difficult to find.

This is where I would usually submit the VAT returns (Click on VAT Returns on the Reports menu and then click the Create button.

It might be worth adding the little arrow here as well.

Thanks for your help!

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